How I Save 20% at CPK, Every Time 🍕

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If you know anything about me, you know that I'm big on saving money.  There is a CPK right downstairs at work, and I always wrote it off because it was too expensive, opting to go to a cheaper pizza place instead.   But all that changed when I found this trick to save 20% at CPK every time so that now I can enjoy CPK pizza at non-CPK prices!

Would you like to save 20% at CPK too?  Follow the steps below!

It is very important that you follow the steps below in the right order and using the links below or you will not get the maximum savings.

  1. Click here to go to  By signing up through my link, you will get a $10 sign-up bonus! 💵
  2. Click “Join Now” in the upper right”.
  3. Fill out your information and complete the sign up process.
  4. Now click here to go to  By signing up through my link, you will get a $5 sign-up bonus! 💵
  5. Fill out your information and complete the sign up process.
  6. Now go back to
  7. Search for “” in the search bar and click on it in the dropdown.
    ebates raise cash back
  8. Click “Shop Now” on the following screen.
    Raise Shop Now
  9.  You will now be taken back to
  10. Search for “California Pizza Kitchen” in the search bar and click on it in the dropdown.
  11. On the following screen, rank the gift cards in order of percentage savings by clicking the “% Off” column until the arrow is pointing downward.
    Raise % Off California Pizza Kitchen
  12. Click “Buy Now” to purchase the gift cards of your choosing at a deep discount!  So not only have you gotten the savings indicated on, but you also got cash back in your eBates account for shopping at Raise through eBates.  Win!  😎

But wait…that 20% could turn into 30%

And now all you math wizzes out there are thinking, “OK, so you got 1% cash back and eBates and 18.5% at Raise.  That's only 19.5%.  But you said 20%!  False advertising!”

Well, the difference between the 19.5% and 20% comes from my American Express Blue Cash Card that gives me 1% back on all purchases.  This particular card is actually offering 10% back at restaurants for new cardholders through May 3 if you sign up through my link here.  So if you're planning a trip to CPK soon,  you could actually get 30% back!

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