How I Won Over $100 in Prizes With a Trivia App 📱

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I recommend that you download this new trivia app by clicking here.

If you know anything about me, you know I like making money on the side.

What you might not know about me is that I'm also a trivia geek.  I browse Wikipedia for fun, and being on Jeopardy is on my bucket list.  So naturally, over the years, I've used various online trivia sites and apps to put to good use all that useless esoteric knowledge I've accumulated over the years.

But none of those websites or apps actually made me money.  I usually spent more on them than I won.

Until this week!  I downloaded a new app and have already won over $100 in prizes!  Disclaimer: I did have to spend $10 on tickets to win these prizes, but hey, that's a pretty good return!

If you'd like to download this app, click here!  I would not recommend spending too much right away.  Just buy $1 worth of tickets at first to see if you like the app and to develop your strategy.

How to Play

You scroll through the list of “tournaments”, find a prize you want to play for, and press the pink “PLAY” button.  There are big prizes, small prizes, and everything in between.

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You pick a trivia category.  I'm a big history buff, so I only play in the history category.  In addition to winning prizes, I've actually learned a lot playing this game!

Trivia Categories

You answer the trivia questions (they are all multiple choice).  You can get a maximum of 200 points per correctly-answered question, depending on how long it takes you to answer.

Which president was born in a log cabin

You are competing against other players in real time.  If you are in the lead when time runs out, you win the prize for free!

2 Seconds LeftCongratulations

And shipping is free too!

Free Shipping_v2

So that's it!  You can download the app here and start winning your prizes today.  Have fun! ☺️

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