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Here's the ultimate list of legit paid online surveys. Now go crush it! 💵Surveys can be a great way to generate extra cash to cover unexpected costs, build an emergency fund, pay down debt, or invest in the stock market (click here for a free $20 to invest).

Some people make well over $1,000 a month taking online surveys.

Is $1,000 a Month Really Possible? 🤔

You'd better believe it is.  But in order to make over $1,000 a month, you have to take a lot of surveys.  And in order to take a lot of surveys, you have to sign up for a lot of survey companies.

So in order to help you sign up for a lot of survey companies, I have compiled a directory of the most legitimate online survey companies.  So go ahead and sign up for them!  Some of them even offer sign-up bonuses ranging from $5 – $25.


Sign Up For My Top 3👇

These are the survey companies that consistently give out the best surveys.  I recommend that you sign up for them ASAP because you never know when a survey company will close its membership.

By signing up for all three, you will guarantee that you will have at least one or two cash-paying surveys a day to complete.

If after signing up for these three survey sites and using them for a couple weeks you find that you have time to complete more surveys for even more cash, then you can move on to the other surveys in this list.

🏆 MY TOP CHOICE: Global Test Market (click here)

Members take hundreds of surveys a year about shopping, restaurants, cars, and more.  I love Global Test Market because it pays you in cash via PayPal and has awarded over $32,000,000 to its members!  Ka-ching!

🌎 MY SECOND CHOICE: Harris Poll Online (click here)

Members participate in a variety of market research surveys and have the opportunity to influence important decision makers in government, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

📫 MY THIRD CHOICE: Inbox Dollars (click here)

Members receive $5 just for joining!  They get paid to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping!  Cumulatively, members have earned over $57,000,000!  Ka-pow!

If You Have Time, Sign Up For These 👇

💯 MyPoints (click here)

Members get free gift cards or Paypal cash for taking polls, answering surveys, and more!  Cumulatively, members have earned over $236,000,000!  Ka-pooey!

🌲 Pinecone Research (click here)

Members have the opportunity to evaluate products before they hit the shelf.  By doing so, they are helping shape the products they might be buying someday!  Each survey pays $3.

☕ Vindale Research (click here)

Members receive $2 just for joining!  They get paid to give their input to companies such as Starbucks, Amazon, Netflix, Disney, Nike, Samsung, and more!

🕋 Sample Cube (click here)

Members contribute their opinions, thoughts, and perceptions about various products and services.

🐼 Panda Research (click here)

Members receive $3 just for joining!  They join the finest minds in consumer research by sharing their unique opinions and getting paid for it.  Some surveys pay as much as $50!  Ka-panda!

🔥 Opinion Bureau (click here)

Members take online surveys and polls on the products and services they use in day-to-day life and are given the opportunity to share their opinion and feedback and get paid for their successful participation.

🤖 E-Poll Market Research (click here)

Members earn valuable reward points that can be cashed in for gift cards and other exciting stuff!

📮 InboxPays (click here)

Members receive $5 just for joining!  They take surveys, sign up for trials and services, join clubs, sample products, go shopping at branded stores, and get paid for it all!  They also spin to win a jackpot.

🎁 Survey Junkie (click here)

Members earn cash and rewards for their opinions.  One member says, “The surveys aren't complicated, and I'm very comfortable with this service.”

🗺️ iSurveyWorld (click here)

Members receive $5 just for joining!  They are paid cash via Paypal for each survey they complete!

🎤 Survey Voices (click here)

Members view exclusive offers in exchange for their valued opinions.  They also get access to paid surveys, clinical trial opportunities, and part-time work offers to make $300+ easily!

🚉 Earning Station (click here)

Members participate in surveys, games, and advertisers' special offers while earning cash and incentives for their activity.

💎 SwagBucks Surveys (click here)

Members get free gift cards for taking polls, answering surveys, and more!

📦 Cash Crate (click here)

Members join over 4,000,000 others earning cash by taking surveys, joining fun contests, and playing games!

🚪 LifeScript Advantage (click here)

Members earn cash by taking surveys!  Also, by signing up, new members have a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

💡 Survey Premium (click here)

Members get paid to give their input to companies such as McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Dell, Best Buy, and Olive Garden.

🏮 Survey Downline (click here)

Members share in up to 50% of Survey Downline's revenues when they take surveys for cash!  They also earn a portion of the earnings of any new members they refer to Survey Downline.

🇺🇸 Toluna USA (click here)

Toluna is an online community dedicated to making its members' voices heard.

📡 LiveSample (click here)

Members are entered into the LiveSample sweepstakes with each survey they complete!

Paid Surveys is a bit unique in that members pay for enrollment into the program, which will send them very high-quality surveys.  I would only recommend signing up for Paid Surveys at Home after you have signed up for the other, free options above.

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