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Welcome to my review of Ronnie Sandlin's School of Hidden Knowledge course.  I know there are a lot of fake Ronnie Sandlin reviews out there with vague information but because I actually have access to the course, I can give you the real deal…a COMPLETE breakdown of the course.  There is also a link at the bottom of this review to get Ronnie's course at a 50% DISCOUNT.

I am going to discuss Ronnie Sandlin, the course, and its training and upsells so that you can get the best from this School of Hidden Knowledge review and make the right decision for yourself on whether or not to invest in the course.

Find out here if the School of Hidden Knowledge is legit or a scam.

💯 The School of Hidden Knowledge Course Review

What is the School of Hidden Knowledge?  It is an in-depth overview of traffic methods for promoting affiliate offers on Facebook and other platforms created by Ronnie Sandlin.

However, it is not only a course on Facebook ads.  It is much more than that.  Ronnie Sandlin takes you behind the scenes into his own ads dashboard to show you exactly how he creates campaigns that routinely make him tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

He also introduces you to key players in the Internet marketing world — I'm talking people with 7- and 8-figure businesses — and these relationships are truly invaluable.

Ronnie figured it out.  No matter how much you learn, if you do not take action, you never profit.  You MUST apply the lessons.

Now let’s take a look at Ronnie Sandlin.

🕵️‍♂️ Who is Ronnie Sandlin?

Ronnie Sandlin - School of Hidden Knowledge - Review - Legit or ScamRonnie Sandlin is a badass marketer known for his drones and kindness to animals.

Without a college education he became an entrepreneur, internet/affiliate marketer, and 7-figure earner.  But not only that, he has an amazing philosophy on life and uncanny insights into human nature — which serves him very well in his marketing.

Check out the video below to hear Ronnie Sandlin's philosophy on freedom.  Isn't that what you're looking for?  You aren't content with the respectable corporate gig like everybody else, even if it pays you $80k or $100k or even $200k.  You want to create something for yourself…something of value.  Something that will set you free.

Ronnie started off writing ads for local businesses and used those skills to transition into affiliate marketing where he now routinely makes upwards of $10,000 a day.

He is the founder and trainer behind the School of Hidden Knowledge.

“I discovered that by simply creating blog posts, I could create a substantial income for myself while I traveled and worked from my laptop. I had the freedom and autonomy to live the life I wanted to live.” – Ronnie Sandlin

Ronnie Sandlin - School of Hidden Knowledge - Review - Legit or ScamYes, that's right, he is legitimately doing as much as $300,000 per month online.  But he didn't start off that way.  He has spent thousands of his own hours and dollars, trying and testing, to figure out what works when it comes to making money online.

And now he is sharing that knowledge with his students through the no-nonsense School of Hidden Knowledge course where Ronnie takes you behind-the-scenes to see exactly what he is doing to make life-changing profits.

There aren’t any more jobs.  More and more jobs are being replaced by robots and software. This is a great way to stay ahead of the pack and make substantial income while doing it. – Ronnie Sandlin

He is one of the most transparent teachers/trainers teaching affiliate marketing online.

There is no bait and switch with Ronnie Sandlin; he teaches you exactly what actually makes money and works for him.

Most importantly, the coolest thing about Ronnie is he has a track record of success.  His training, coaching and affiliate network is directly responsible for creating dozens of successful affiliates and super affiliates including myself.

Ronnie Sandlin - School of Hidden Knowledge - Review - Legit or Scam

☀️ I Made $15,000 in a Weekend Using Ronnie's Methods for a Solar Campaign

💰 1/05/17 – I begin my campaign with $990.80 revenue.

(Click image to enlarge.)

Make Money with Facebook Ads - $990.80 Payout

💰 1/06/17 – I scale to $5,302.80 revenue.

(Click image to enlarge.)

Make Money Online - $5302.80 Payout

💰 1/07/17 – I absolutely CRUSH it with $12,623.10 revenue.

(Click image to enlarge.)

How to Make Money on Facebook - $13623.10 Payout

💰 1/17/17 – I get PAID $22,888.70.

(I had additional revenue after the days screenshot above.)

Ronnie Sandlin - School of Hidden Knowledge - $22000 Deposit

💸 And how much did I SPEND?  $7,222.39.

(Click image to enlarge.)

How to Make Money Using Facebook - $7222.39 Spend

🔥 So what was my profit?  $22,888.70 – $7,222.39 = $15,666.31.


🤔 School of Hidden Knowledge Review: What do I get in the School of Hidden Knowledge course?

The course is currently 30 hours long from start to finish, and it is actually growing.  Ronnie Sandlin is routinely adding more content to respond to the needs of his students.

The training is a balanced mix of technical knowledge and also mindset preparation.  

No matter what business you get into, your mindset will dictate 80% of your results.

You need to cultivate and maintain positivity and focus to be successful in affiliate marketing.

The material is dense but well-layered and covers the following topics:

💡 How to Set Up a 6-Figure Campaign, Step by Step

Ronnie Sandlin - School of Hidden Knowledge - Review - Legit or Scam - Quick StartRonnie Sandlin takes painstaking care to walk School of Hidden Knowledge students through every step of the process when it comes to making big money online.

His “Quick Start” module covers everything from picking a website name to setting up web hosting to setting up your site to finding an affiliate network to work with and much, much more.  And get this, friendo — he also shows you, from scratch, a $240,000 case study that you can replicate to profit immediately (more on this later).  Guys, this alone is worth the price of The School of Hidden Knowledge multiple times over.

💡 How to Turn Words Into Money

Ronnie Sandlin - School of Hidden Knowledge - Review - Legit or Scam - Copywriter's GuildRonnie Sandlin is a top-notch copywriter.  And no, “copywriting” doesn't mean putting together patents and trademarks.  Copywriting is writing text for advertising, and writing good copy is trickier than it looks.

You see, writing good copy — copy that will make you a million dollars — is something that requires not only an intimate knowledge of the product or service that you are promoting but also a deep grasp of human psychology and an understanding of what everyone's most core motivations are.  In this module, Ronnie shows you how to use words to tap into your audience's deepest emotions and hack their trust so that they have no choice but to buy the product or service you are promoting.  Warning: this stuff is extremely powerful and should be handled with great care.

💡 How to Drive Traffic

Ronnie Sandlin - School of Hidden Knowledge - Review - Legit or Scam - Traffic TempleI have rewatched the videos in this module so many times I've lost count.  In this module, Ronnie Sandlin brings together the heaviest hitters and biggest media buyers to essentially give away their secrets of scaling their advertising from $100 per day to $20,000+ per day.

This is where you learn the real secrets of advertising online.  This isn't stuff you can find on Youtube (and believe me, I've looked for it).  In this module you learn exactly how to hack Facebook's ad algorithm, how to pick and test images that will convert like candy, how to access government data for demographic research, how to succeed with native advertising, and a whole lot more.  This material can be pretty involved so you will want to rewatch the 30+ videos in this module a few times to make sure you grasp the content.

💡 Proven, Done-For-You Landing Pages and More in Dozens of Verticals

Ronnie Sandlin - School of Hidden Knowledge - Review - Legit or Scam - Wizard's ChestThis module is a gold mine.  You stand to make an incredible amount of money not only by directly using the content in this module but also by closely studying these landing pages to see why they convert and then applying that knowledge to other verticals.

💡 Facebook Ads Wizard

Ronnie Sandlin - School of Hidden Knowledge - Review - Legit or Scam - Facebook Ads WizardFacebook is the most used social network in the world.  Not only do users volunteer their likes, interests, and attributes to Facebook, but Facebook also can track users' interactions on Facebook.  Tapping into this data is a marketer's dream.

But you have to pay to play, and if you don't know what you're doing, you can lose your shirt.  That's where this module comes in.  It cuts to the chase and gives you a step-by-step guide to quickly making Facebook ads profitable.  Breaking into the Internet marketing world is not something that you can just hack.  You need a teacher.  And you will find one in Ronnie Sandlin.

💡 Exclusive Training with Industry Experts

Ronnie Sandlin - School of Hidden Knowledge - Review - Legit or Scam - Upcoming Training - Ron JonesRonnie Sandlin is extremely well-connected in the Internet marketing industry and as a result, every week or two he brings an industry expert to teach for an hour to the School of Hidden Knowledge students.  Students are also welcome to ask whatever questions they may have.

These guests are extremely sought-after lead buyers, Facebook ad experts, copywriters, and anyone you can think of related to Internet marketing who are willing to share their knowledge with the School of Hidden Knowledge students.

💡 Sample Trainings.  (These are Just 10 of the 60+ Trainings in the Course!)

👉 $240k Solar Campaign Case Study – this was the case study I based my $15,000-in-a-weekend solar campaign on.
👉 How to Negotiate a Lead Generation Deal
👉 Tap Into the Reptile Brain Inside of Every Human for Massive Profit
👉 Highly Profitable Headlines You Can Use Immediately
👉 How to Breakthrough to $2k Per Day with Advertorial Blog Posts
👉 $660k per Month with Whitehat Advertising
👉 How to Keep Facebook Accounts Healthy and Scalable
👉 Advanced Facebook Data Researching Strategies
👉 How to Structure Your Facebook Ad Campaigns
👉 How to Hack Facebook's Ad Algorithm

The biggest advice I can give you is to take rapid action on what you learn.

The speed of your money depends on your speed of implementation.

Ronnie Sandlin - School of Hidden Knowledge - Review - Legit or Scam - Welcome

 💳 How Much Does the Course Cost?

The cost is typically $3,000, but through my link you can get it for $1,497.

📅 Is There a Monthly Fee?

No, there is no monthly fee.  It is a one-time cost, which gets you access to the course and the forum as well as all the live trainings that Ronnie and others put on every week or two.

👬 Is There One-on-One Training?

There isn't necessarily one-on-one training, but Ronnie does hold weekly training webinars where you can ask him whatever you want.

It gives you the ability to ask Ronnie questions directly in a group environment and benefit from other affiliates' questions.

He also sometimes will look at someone's campaign or funnel and give live tips on what to change or tweak and how to get it profitable.  This is extremely helpful.  I had campaigns where I couldn't break 10% or 20% ROI, but after Ronnie looked at it and gave me instructions, my ROI would double or triple, sometimes even hitting 100%.

Sometimes it's just one nugget or tip that Ronnie or another affiliate says that takes your campaign over the top.

Also, all the weekly training sessions and Q&As are recorded so if you cannot make it live, you can still watch it when you have time.

💵 Can I Become an Affiliate of The School of Hidden Knowledge?

Yes, you can if you are approved.  If you become an affiliate, you earn 40% commission on all sales of the course including continuity and upsells.

⚖️ The Verdict: Is The School of Hidden Knowledge Worth It?

The challenge with the School of Hidden Knowledge review is there is truly no shortage of online marketing courses available.

With so many courses and trainings online, it is often hard to know what is real and what's a waste of time.

You could just stick to free trainings on forums and Youtube, but the problem is there is a lot of bullcrap theory and bad advice that you will have to filter through, and often you can't tell the difference.

Also, there are many people who sell courses on theory or philosophy of running affiliate marketing campaigns, but they do not actually make money in affiliate marketing themselves.

They only make money selling you their crap.  That is not the case with the School of Hidden Knowledge. This course is not a scam.

The School of Hidden Knowledge is easily the best starting point for new affiliate marketers.

With Ronnie Sandlin, you have someone who is established and successful.  He also shows you exactly what he does to make profit online.

He teaches you in-depth exactly what he does to earn his money and how you can do the same. This course is about teaching you how to fish and become a fisherman.

 👍 The Good

  • This course is not just theory.  Ronnie literally shows you his ad campaigns on the screen.  You won't find this depth and transparency in other courses.
  • The material is worth more than the investment.  For the price you pay, you will be far ahead of most people starting off online or even people who have been online for a year.
  • Ronnie is extremely thorough in his explanations, he dives deep into affiliate marketing and explains HOW and WHY things works.
  • Access to the School of Hidden Knowledge Forum.  Learn from and network with real super affiliates earning 4-5 figures per day.

👎 The Bad

  • This course only focuses on PAID traffic sources and training.  So you will need to at least have a little bit of money to get started.
  • This stuff is not light.  There's a lot of material that's given to you at once, and you need to dedicate the time to process it all.  Expect to watch some videos multiple times and definitely take notes.  But once it “clicks,” it's like waking up outside of the matrix.

🤔 Who Is The School of Hidden Knowledge For?  Should I Buy The School of Hidden Knowledge?

If you have never made more than $1,000 in a week with affiliate marketing and have been in it for more than 6 months, you should invest in this course.

As far as who should NOT buy it…if you already make a substantial income from affiliate marketing and creating funnels, this course may not help you much, although bouncing off ideas from others through the forum as well as getting direct guidance from Ronnie will still prove invaluable.

Nevertheless, whatever point you're at, Ronnie gives you the foundational skills you will need be consistently profitable.

Without it, you may have temporary success, but it may not last.  Invest in your education and start off on the right foot.

🤑 Discount!

As I mentioned above, Ronnie Sandlin's School of Hidden Knowledge typically costs $3,000, but through my link you can get a 50% discount on the price.  I am not sure how long Ronnie is going to permit me to offer this discount to Millennial Money Club readers, so be sure to take advantage of it before time runs out.

I hope that my School of Hidden Knowledge review helped give you more insight on the course and I appreciate your feedback in the comments.

– Logan

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