How I Save Money on Wedding Gifts 👰

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I really do look forward to giving wedding gifts now! 💒Ah, yes.  Summertime will be here in a few weeks.  And summertime means wedding season, that glorious time of the year where at least half of our Saturdays are fully consumed by driving to / sitting at / eating at / drinking at / driving back from weddings.

💒 How I Save Money on Wedding Gifts

And with those weddings come the obligation to give wedding gifts.  Now, if you're anything like me, you think that the whole notion of giving anything other than cash at a wedding is absurd.  Cash is king!  And on this day the bride and groom are king and queen, so why shouldn't they get the royal treatment with buckets of cash?

But, of course, the wedding industry being just as commercialized as any other, we have those wonderful wedding registries to deal with.

And even though I think the whole notion of these wedding registries are a tad ridiculous, I'm going to use the system to my advantage.  And how's that?  By buying at a discount a gift card from whatever store the happy couple is registered at.

So instead of spending $200 on a $200 gift, I can spend only $186 on a $200 gift.  Behold my strategy in action for a recent wedding we attended where the happy couple was registered at Crate & Barrel:

Save Money on Wedding Gifts

Sure, it takes a little bit of planning ahead (no last-minute writing of a check in the bar before walking into the ceremony), but it's worth it!  I figure that if I can save $14 per wedding, and if I attend 5 weddings over the course of a year, that's $70  saved on wedding gifts.  Not bad, right?

💐 Would you like to save money on wedding gifts too?  Follow the steps below!

It is very important that you follow the steps below in the right order and using the links below or you will not get the maximum savings.

  1. Head on over to Gift Card Granny by clicking here.
  2. Sign up.
  3. After you're all signed up and logged into your account, search for whatever store the happy couple is registered at.
    Discounted Crate & Barrel Gift Cards
  4. You will now be presented with a list of discounted gift cards for that store!  You can sort the gift cards by type (eGift or physical), value, price, total savings, and savings percentage.
  5. So go ahead and buy one and start saving!

💵 Have you heard of any other good deals lately?

If so, let me know in the comments.  Happy saving, Money Clubbers!  🙂

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