Day 4 Blogging Course: Tools of the Trade πŸ”¨

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Now that you've picked your blog's theme, you can get started with exploring all the fun tools that you will need to make your blog profitable.

I'm not going to promote any tools that I don't use personally, so the lesson for today will consist entirely of describing for you the tools that I used to make $10,000 in my first 3 months of blogging.

πŸ“« 1. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is my email sequence manager. You are reading this email right now thanks to ConvertKit! You signed up in the form pictured in the image below (you may have to enable images at the top of this email in order to see the image), which I created in ConvertKit, and you were automatically added to my pre-written Free Blogging Course email sequence in ConvertKit.

ConvertKit Form (please enable images to view this image)

It's this kind of automation that makes blogging a mostly passive form of income.

You see, I did not believe in the power of my email list at first. I had some fanciful notion that people would just magically follow the affiliate links on my blog on their first visit.

But then a more experienced blogger told me that the majority of his income is made through his email list, so I decided to start using ConvertKit. And the results have been incredible! I can honestly say that over half of my blog's income comes from my email list maintained by ConvertKit.

All in all, ConvertKit is an incredible tool that has skyrocketed the growth of my blog's profits, and I would encourage you to check it out.

Click here to get started with ConvertKit.

🐡 2. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is the site that I use to create several of the images on my site. No matter how awesome your blog's content is, if it doesn't have equally awesome visuals, it will not be successful. Text β€” the printed word β€” simply doesn't catch the average person's eye anymore; images do.

See, you exist in your audience's world through their laptop or phone screen. The problem is that your blog is not the only thing vying for their attention on that screen. There's also Snapchat and Instagram and Facebook Live and catchy ads β€” all things that are strictly visual in nature β€” and if you want to compete with all that, you will need attractive visuals on your site. And I can think of no better place to create attractive visuals than PicMonkey.

Below is a sampling of the images that I have created in PicMonkey. You may have to enable images at the top of this email in order to see the image.

PicMonkey Creations (please enable images to view this image)

With PicMonkey, it is extremely easy to create beautiful visuals, even if you aren't much of an artist. As an accountant, I had absolutely no graphic design background when I launched my blog, but PicMonkey made it very easy for me to create attractive visuals . They also have an amazing assortment of eye-grabbing fonts. So yes, I suppose the printed word can catch the average person's eye these days β€” as long as that printed word is in a cool font!

Click here to get a free PicMonkey trial!

🌠 3. Pretty Link

To make money on your blog, you will need to tastefully place your affiliate links in your blog posts. However, as we will see later in the course, affiliate links more often than not look like πŸ’©.

Case in point: my affiliate link to a free $20 to invest through WiseBanyan looks like this: Pretty ugly, right? Well, using the Pretty Link plug-in, I was able to make my link look like this:

Also, using Pretty Link, you can track when people click on your “pretty links,” and from what blog post. You may have to enable images at the top of this email in order to see the image.

Pretty Link Statistics (please enable images to view this image)

Click here to check out Pretty Link.

πŸ“‘ 4. Shareaholic

As we'll discuss further in the social media part of this course, social sharing is a key part of growing your blog's traffic, and you should make it as easy as possible for your readers to share your content on social media.

You'll notice at the top and bottom of my blog posts are social sharing buttons as pictured below. You may have to enable images at the top of this email in order to see the image.

Shareaholic Sharing Buttons (please enable images to view this image)

These sweet-looking sharing buttons were placed on my website in all of 60 seconds using Shareaholic.

Click here to check out Shareaholic.

✏️ Next Time: Content Creation


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