Day 9 Blogging Course: My Secret Sauce 🍝

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Alright, y'all. Today's the day where I give credit where credit is due. While I would love to say that I figured out this whole make-thousands-of-dollars-a-month blogging them all on my own, I'd be lying if I told you that.

So while I have shared the basics of starting a money-making blog with you over the past 8 days of this course, I have not shared the sauciest of my secrets.

You see, there is one blogger in particular to whom I am extremely indebted. Her name is Michelle, and her success blows mine out of the water. She is making over $100,000 per month from her blog. That's right; she makes more than $1,000,000 per year blogging, and at 28 years old she's living the life of her dreams!

Michelle (please enable images to view this image)

Although I have not met Michelle face-to-face, I have implemented several of the strategies she taught me in her blogging course (click here for access). This course is my secret sauce!

You see, I did not share her most valuable strategies with you out of respect for Michelle and her course. She put a lot of work into putting together the material in the course and deserves to be compensated for it.

And because I took her course, I have access to her private Facebook group where she answers my and others' questions related to blogging. I am also constantly asking questions of other bloggers in the community and hearing their opinions, which has been extremely helpful to me in growing and monetizing my blog.

Michelle's Private Facebook Group (please enable images to view this image)

In this private Facebook group, she also has weekly “Share Days” where you can post your content in the Facebook thread, and other, more established bloggers in the group will share your content on various social media sites. This is extremely helpful in generating traffic for your blog right out of the gate.

Share Day (please enable images to view this image)

Look, you have the spaghetti made. And you'll make some money with it. But if you want to make life-changing money, you need the secret sauce. So head on over to Michelle's blogging course to get your secret sauce by clicking here!

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