5 Signs Your Valentine Isn’t a Good Financial Match 💔

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You might want to audit your relationship if any of these things are true. 🤔Dreamy eyes, great hair, a toned body — what more could you ask for in a date?  Plenty, it turns out.  22% of Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (yes, that's a thing) reported that financial issues are the main reason that most of their clients are getting divorced.

So if you have an eye toward more than a one-night stand, you'd better make sure that you and your lovey are on the same page when it comes to the Benjamins.  I've put together a list of the most obvious red flags below that hopefully you're not too blinded by love to see.

1. You're Always the One Footing the Bill

Of course it's nice to treat each other from time to time, but the key phrase here is “each other.”  If you're paying more than your fair share, you might want to reconsider whether this is “the one.”  But this doesn't require a tit-for-tat detailed accounting every month.  Maybe you're the one who buys the groceries and they're the one who brings out the plastic on date nights.  That's fine if it works for both of you, but for heaven's sake please make sure your checkbook and credit cards are not being taken advantage of by the love of your life!

2. They Quickly Change the Subject When the Conversation Turns to Money

Hopefully if you have been together longer than six months, you two each have a basic financial picture of the other: roughly how much each of you have, how much each of you owe, and how much each of you make.  If you can't answer these questions about your lover, and they beat around the bush when you try to bring it up, then chances are, they're hiding something, and you definitely want to figure out what it is before going too far with them.

3. They Can't Hold a Steady Job

So you've been at your grind day in and day out for the past five years, but your significant other seems to have a new job every few months?  You just might be able to do better.  And I'm sorry to break it to you, but the vast majority of wannabe models and rock stars don't make it.  Chances are good that if they can't commit to a stable source of income today, they won't be able to in five years either.

4. They're Always Borrowing Money From You or Others

You're an adult.  Your honeybunch is an adult.  It's expected that both of you are able to support yourselves without assistance from each other, your parents, and your friends.  If they can't pay for basic necessities such as the rent (or mortgage), utilities, and gas, you have to ask themselves how “grown up” they really are.

5. They're Not Willing to Learn About Money

If you're on this site, I can pretty safely assume that you know a thing or two about managing money or at least want to learn.  And so you read books and read blogs and research stocks and real estate and businesses.  If your sugerplum isn't even willing to learn this stuff right alongside with you , that's a huge red flag in my book.  This isn't a matter of different interests, like how you're a diehard Quentin Tarantino fan while they prefer Scorsese.  Money's not like that; if someone isn't interested in learning about money, chances are very, very good that they will fail in life.  Do you really want to be with someone like that?

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