How Not to Invest in the Stock Market 📉

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If you don't know what you're doing, your portfolio could tank fast.  😭So you want to start investing in the stock market.  Good call; stocks are an incredible wealth-builder and should be a part of any serious investor's portfolio.  But as with all investments, there is a smart way to go about investing in stocks and there is a dumb way.

And day in and day out for about two years, I had the opportunity to see the “dumb way” played out right in front of me in the form of one of my old roommates, and I've described them here for you so that hopefully you don't make the same mistakes that he did.

🎰 My Roommate, The Stock Picker Gambler and Stockaholic

Shortly after college I shared a room with three other guys, and one of these guys was always telling me about his latest stock picks.  He would spend hours after work “researching” his stock picks — checking charts, reading Stocktwits, checking Reddit, going back to Stocktwits, checking some more charts, and finally at around 2:00 AM placing his stop limit orders for the next day.

And during the day, when he and I were often both working our day jobs from home, I'd peek over my shoulder and all too often see him, sitting there, not doing the job that his company was paying him to do, but rather refreshing his screen to get the latest stock prices on his picks.  This was beyond pointless, and I told him so when we would grab lunch at the sandwich shop around the corner.

Me: “What difference does it make if the stock price changed slightly from second to second if you already have a stop limit order on your picks?”

Him: “I need to stay on top of the market!”

Me: -_-

Needless to say, he apparently wasn't the greatest performer at work, or so I heard from another friend who worked in his department, and last I heard he's still at the same level with his company.  Don't get me wrong — he was a bright guy with potential.  But he just couldn't stay focused.  Why?  Because of his obsession with picking stocks.

And guess what?  He never made it big and in fact lost far more money than he ever made.

DiceAnd here's the saddest part: he didn't care.  Sure, he said he did, and he was frustrated when he lost money.  But at the end of the day, he didn't really care about making money — at least not as much as he wanted the thrill of seeing his stocks go up and down.  Not to mention the commissions!

He thought he was an investor, but in reality he was just a gambler, addicted to the adrenaline rush when the markets opened or when earnings were released.  And instead of chips in a casino, or horses on a track, he placed bets on stocks on a screen.

📈 A Better Way

My roommate would have been in a much better financial position today if he would have never picked a single stock.  This would have freed up his time such that:

  1. He could have given 100% at his job, which in all likelihood would have led to promotions and salary increases that would have given him ample capital to pay down his student loans and invest in passive income opportunities.
  2. He could have found side hustles to do after work that would have guaranteed him additional cash in his pocket to invest.

And not only that, but there is a much better way to invest in the stock market that millions of successful Millennials are using right now to grow their money.  And this way takes a few minutes a month at most to manage.  Compare that to the hours my friend would spend a day on his confounded stock picks.

You curious what this better way is?  Read about it here.  🙂

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