So I'm pretty much anonymous — for now.  Once I escape the rat race, I'll reveal all.  And believe me, once that day comes , you, dear readers, will be the first to know.  But even if I'm not at liberty to share my life story with you all right now, I can share my money story.

Student Loans

Add 'em up: $35,631

I graduated from college in 2009.  And although I went to a state public university, had a job my last two years that covered my room and board and then some, and picked up a few scholarships here and there, I still graduated with exactly $35,631 of student loans — almost 50% more than the Class of 2009's average of $24,000.

I had no money or assistance from my parents.  I had no car.  The economy was in the trash.  And  I was starting my first “real” job in a city I'd only been to once before (for the interview) where I didn't know a soul.  And I was scared.

The night before I started work for the first time after college, I thought to myself, “Wow.  I have no money, but I owe Uncle Sam over $35,000.  The economy's not doing too well, and more and more people are getting laid off every day.  If I'm going to survive the next few years, and not only survive, but thrive, I'm going to have to kick ass.  And it all starts now.

That August night, I decided that I would work hard at my job, pay off my debt, and learn all I could about money, investing, passive income, and financial freedom.  And I'm happy to report that over the past eight years, I've been able to increase my net worth from negative $35,000 to positive $775,000 (as of May 2017) by putting into practice what I learned, and I want to share my journey with everybody who stumbles across this modest corner of the Internet.

But of course I'm still on the journey.  And it's a journey that I want to take with everybody in this little club of mine as we go down this road to financial freedom together.  You in?  🙂

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