"After expenses, we can really only afford to put away an extra $5/month. Is this enough to get started investing?"  The answer is yes! Let's say you only have $5 to invest. What do you do with it? Until now, starting with only $5 would not get you very far. Many online brokerages such as [...]

The link to the free $20 to invest through WiseBanyan is at the bottom of this paragraph, but before you click there I ask that you read this entire post first to educate yourself.  More so than getting an extra $20 to invest, I want all of my readers to learn and gain the knowledge that will [...]

So you want to start investing in the stock market.  Good call; stocks are an incredible wealth-builder and should be a part of any serious investor's portfolio.  But as with all investments, there is a smart way to go about investing in stocks and there is a dumb way. And day in and day out [...]