Goals are important.  Without them, how will you know if you've succeeded or failed?  You won't.  That's why I'm proposing to all of my readers that they write their goals down.  But first, I'll go! Make $2,000/month from this blog. Increase net worth to $900,000. Invest $50,000 into real estate. Invest $50,000 into the stock [...]

Time is running out to refinance your mortgage at historically low rates.  Two months ago (March 2017), the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, and they are likely to do so again in the near future. This is why it is imperative that you begin the refinancing process as quickly as possible so that you can [...]

Life happens, whether in the form of unforeseen expenses, major purchases, starting a business, debt consolidation, home improvement, taking a vacation, and countless other events and changes that make up this journey we call "life." And these are all reasons why millions of Americans take out unsecured personal loans, which can typically offer much lower interest [...]

So you want to start investing in the stock market.  Good call; stocks are an incredible wealth-builder and should be a part of any serious investor's portfolio.  But as with all investments, there is a smart way to go about investing in stocks and there is a dumb way. And day in and day out [...]

If you want to get where you want to be financially, you need to track your 1) income, 2) expenses, and 3) net worth.  This is non-negotiable.  These three numbers and whether they're going up or down month-over-month are the greatest indicators of your financial trajectory.  Little else matters when it comes to reaching your financial [...]

If there is one question I ask when determining the likelihood of someone reaching their financial goals, it's this: "How much has their net worth increased (or decreased!) from a year ago?" It's not about how much you make.  I have met people making $40,000 per year who retired by 35, and I have also [...]